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Assess and Remove

Raccoons are very intelligent and resourceful. This is why our 50 point inspection is designed to identify all current and potential raccoon entry points as well as any damage they may have caused. Our hands-on removal techniques are both humane and effective for adult and baby raccoons alike.

clear and clean

Clear and Clean

Raccoons are not very clean and their presence can lead to severe property damage. Skedaddle offers thorough cleaning and disinfecting of raccoon den sites to eliminate any health risks. We can also remove and replace any damaged attic insulation.


Prevent and Protect

Once the raccoons are gone you want to make sure your home is protected against future entries. Our wildlife technicians are experts in identifying and securing vulnerable areas of your home with exclusion materials that are built to last.


Reviews From Our Niagara Clients

Understanding the intricacies of animal behaviour is important, especially when it comes to raccoon removal in the Niagara Region. As we explore the blend of urban life and wildlife, we’ll emphasize the common raccoon-related problems faced by its residents, offer preventive advice, and introduce you to how Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control professionally and humanely manages these encounters.

Together, we will delve deeper into the interaction between the rich urban life of Niagara Region and its inherent wildlife, with a special focus on raccoons. Recognizing their potential threat is paramount in ensuring the safety and health of the population. Thus, we thought it essential to bring you relevant, practical information and guidance on how to keep up with this challenge.

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The Niagara Region: A Blend of Urban Life and Wildlife

Living in this area means living at the crossroads of natural beauty and urban convenience. The region offers a distinctive lifestyle, characterized by a unique fusion between bustling city life and proximity to remarkable natural landscapes. As you journey through the Niagara Region, you come across world-class wineries and vineyards that not only make the region an important wine-producing region but also a popular tourist destination.

Apart from its famed wine production, its rich wildlife scene is another notable feature. The geographic location makes it home to a variety of urban wildlife, which includes raccoons. Now, let’s take a quick tour of some interesting facts about this area:

Now, let’s take a quick tour of some interesting facts about this area:

Discover the charm of Grimsby Beach, a historic neighbourhood within the Niagara Region that is celebrated for its distinctively styled “gingerbread cottages” or “painted ladies”. These unique historical landmarks and homes give the area its signature look. Beyond the architecture, Grimsby Beach offers abundant parks and green spaces, along with access to the stunning Lake Ontario waterfront.

The Battle of Beaverdams Park is a historical site commemorating the battle which took place during the War of 1812. This significant military engagement occurred when a force of American soldiers was ambushed by British troops, native warriors, and local militia near Thorold, Ontario. The battle is noteworthy for the crucial role played by Laura Secord, a Canadian heroine who trekked over 20 kilometres to warn British forces of the impending American attack. The park today is a peaceful green space for visitors to reflect on history and enjoy natural beauty.

The Niagara Region, nestled along the border of Canada and the United States, is globally celebrated for its production of Icewine, a type of dessert wine known for its rich flavours and smooth texture. This unique wine is crafted from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine. With over 90 wineries dedicated to the craft, the Niagara Region has become a pivotal area for Icewine production.

Suffice it to say, that this area’s essence lies in its blend of urban vibrancy and serene wildlife, creating a unique and captivating charm.

The Raccoon Dilemma: Homeowners and Businesses Beware

Despite the natural beauty of this region, it faces a unique problem: the growing population of masked marauders. Yes, we’re talking about the nocturnal animals known for rummaging in our trash bins at odd hours and nesting within the confines of our buildings.

Recognizing a raccoon’s behaviour patterns can help in identifying a potential problem situation. These animals are known to be active during the night and are voracious foragers. If you notice signs such as toppled garbage bins or mysterious nighttime noise emanating from under your deck, the attic or places where they can squeeze in, you might be facing an intrusion at hand.

These animals can cause significant damage to properties by tearing through roof vents, soffits or chimneys to make comfortable homes for themselves. They pose a health risk as well, as they are known to carry diseases such as rabies and roundworm, and their feces can cause dangerous airborne spores.

Business operators are also affected by such issues as their properties frequently sustain damage leading to hefty repair bills. Furthermore, their presence might deter customers and create an unpleasant environment for staff.

Armed with this knowledge, homeowners and businesses can take necessary actions to ward them off. However, handling wild animals isn’t without risks. It’s always advised to engage a professional in wildlife removal in the Niagara Region to ensure a safe and humane solution.

How To Get Rid Of Raccoons: Essential Advice

Homeowners must be vigilant to keep these nocturnal nuisances at bay. Here are some recommendations designed to help safeguard your property. First and foremost, ensure lids on garbage cans are secure, or preferably, locked. These animals are drawn to the smell of food waste and can quickly become a recurring issue if they find consistent sources.

Additionally, taking care of fruit trees or vegetable patches is crucial; harvest ripe produce and clean any fallen fruits which could attract unwanted visitors. Also, refrain from leaving pet food outside as it can become a tempting feast.

Deterrence measures can serve as a secondary line of defence. Installing motion-activated sprinklers or lights, for example, can scare away nocturnal animals. Pruning tree branches that hang over rooftops could also reduce potential entry points for them. Similarly, it is important to seal all possible entrances to your building – a task best accomplished by professionals.

Finally, remember that these animals are protected by laws in many locations. Removing or relocating them without professional assistance can be both risky and illegal. If you ever find yourself confronted with a situation involving these animals, your best course is to contact humane removal experts.

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Skedaddle‘s Humane Approach to Raccoon Control

When it comes to wildlife control in the Niagara Region, we at Skedaddle are uniquely qualified to assist homeowners and businesses facing troubling raccoon issues. With our extensive expertise and forward-thinking approach, our professional service focuses on humane, reliable, and effective interventions.

Here’s how we can serve your needs:

  • Animal Detection: Our specialists start with identifying signs of intrusion to learn the type of animal causing the issue, which is an essential first step in the removal process.
  • Humane Removal: Once identified, we apply safe, humane removal strategies. When handling our masked friends, for instance, we keep the stress to a minimum, ensuring a safe transition from your property to a more suitable environment. If babies are present, keeping family units together is a priority for our technicians.
  • Prevention: Post-removal, we ensure that all potential entry points are sealed off. This preventive measure is there to make sure the issue doesn’t repeat itself.
  • Cleaning: Additionally, we offer professional cleanup services to ensure that any harmful waste or damage caused by unwanted guests is properly addressed.
  • Education: We also provide knowledge and advice to property owners, creating awareness about urban wildlife and how to responsibly cohabitate.

Unmanaged wild animal issues can lead to both minor annoyances and serious damage to your property. Fortunately, with Skedaddle, peace of mind is just a phone call away. If you need professional help to care for wildlife issues you face, we certainly offer a humane, considerate, and comprehensive solution.

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Keeping the Niagara Region Wildlife in Check with Skedaddle

Wildlife preservation balanced with human safety is a delicate task that calls for highly skilled professionals. Our dedicated, trained technicians are more than always ready to respond to your concerns. We’re much more than just a nuisance animal removal service — we offer swift response times and sustainable, long-term solutions. We understand the intricacies of animal behaviour, the importance of safety, and the need for humane animal handling.

Every action we take is informed by documented control techniques, ensuring the well-being of both the animal and the homeowner. With us, you don’t just get an estimate, but a written guarantee of our commitment to the problem, setting us apart from many other removal companies. We focus on capturing and removing a range of animals from both residential and commercial properties, driven by a philosophy of compassion both for you and the unwanted wildlife.

Take control of your environment. Don’t let raccoons dictate the comfort of your home or business premises. If you’re battling a raccoon issue, reach out to us now. As we always say at Skedaddle, “Your peace of mind starts here.”

Contact us today! Let’s together ensure the wildlife remains a beauty to behold and not a nightmare.


Raccoon Facts


Raccoons possess remarkable dexterity, allowing them to open jars, door latches, and even unlock cages with their sensitive, capable hands.


These nocturnal animals have a unique way of “washing” their food in water before eating, a behaviour called dousing, not fully understood.


These animals are highly adaptable, thriving in various environments such as forests, mountains, and cities, showcasing their impressive survival skills.


The black “mask” of fur around their eyes is not just for show; it helps reduce glare and enhances their night vision.


They have a wide range of vocalizations, and over 200 different sounds for communication, including purrs, whistles, and even screams.


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