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Assess and Remove

Raccoons are very intelligent and resourceful. This is why our 50 point inspection is designed to identify all current and potential raccoon entry points as well as any damage they may have caused. Our hands-on removal techniques are both humane and effective for adult and baby raccoons alike.

clear and clean

Clear and Clean

Raccoons are not very clean and their presence can lead to severe property damage. Skedaddle offers thorough cleaning and disinfecting of raccoon den sites to eliminate any health risks. We can also remove and replace any damaged attic insulation.


Prevent and Protect

Once the raccoons are gone you want to make sure your home is protected against future entries. Our wildlife technicians are experts in identifying and securing vulnerable areas of your home with exclusion materials that are built to last.


Raccoon Removal In Oakville

In Oakville, the intersection of natural habitats with urban living has led to an increasing presence of wildlife in residential areas, most notably raccoons. While these intelligent and curious animals might seem harmless, their search for food and shelter can lead to conflicts with homeowners. From rummaging through trash bins to nesting in attics, they can cause significant property damage and potentially expose families to health risks.

This is where Skedaddle’s humane raccoon removal in Oakville becomes essential. Our approach not only resolves the immediate issue of an unwelcome raccoon visitor but does so with the utmost respect for the animal and the environment, ensuring that families and the animals alike can coexist peacefully.

Life in Oakville: Where Nature and Community Intersect

Life here offers a unique blend of picturesque landscapes and vibrant community living. Nestled on the shores of Lake Ontario, Oakville is known for its lush parks, historic downtown area, and active waterfront. It’s a city where nature and culture merge seamlessly, providing residents and visitors alike with plenty of opportunities to explore and engage with their surroundings.

Here are some interesting facts and places that highlight the charm of this town:

Gairloch Gardens: Discover an immaculate floral paradise nestled along the lakeshore, providing a tranquil escape with picturesque views. Explore numerous spots perfect for picnics and strolls amidst the breathtaking beauty.

Oakville Museum at Erchless Estate: Step into history at the charming Oakville Museum housed within the Erchless Estate. Explore the rich tapestry of the city’s past through a diverse collection of artifacts and captivating stories that celebrate the town’s heritage.

Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park: Explore this perfect spot for enjoying the picturesque waterfront. Take a leisurely stroll along the trails, wander the charming boardwalks, and soak in the stunning views of Bronte Harbour.

Glen Abbey Golf Course: Renowned as one of Canada’s most iconic golf destinations, Glen Abbey has been the prestigious host of the Canadian Open on multiple occasions, attracting golf enthusiasts from far and wide to experience its rich history and challenging course layout.

Discover Downtown: Experience the vibrant heart of the city, where you’ll find an array of unique shops, delightful dining options, and a thriving arts scene, all set against the backdrop of beautifully preserved Victorian-style architecture. Explore the charm and character that define this bustling urban centre.

Sheridan College: A leader in post-secondary education, Sheridan College is renowned for its animation and arts programs. The campus is a hub of creativity and innovation, drawing students from across the globe and significantly contributing to the vibrant cultural landscape of the city.

These highlights not only enrich the lives of the residents but also attract visitors from across the country and beyond, making it a vibrant community deeply rooted in both its natural and cultural heritage.

The Raccoon Problem

Raccoons are renowned for their intelligence and adaptability, which serve them well in both their natural habitats and urban environments. This adaptability, however, can lead to notable issues when they decide to encroach upon human residences. Understanding their behaviour is crucial for homeowners and business owners who might be tempted to underestimate the implications of a raccoon visitation. They are nocturnal animals, primarily active at night, searching for food. They are omnivores and have little trouble adapting their diet to include garbage, pet food, and garden produce found in urban areas. This search for food often leads them to break into trash bins, causing a mess and attracting more wildlife.

Furthermore, they are den-seeking animals, and their quest for a warm, safe place can drive them to enter attics, crawl spaces, and even chimneys. Once inside, they can cause significant damage by chewing on wiring, ripping insulation, and contaminating spaces with urine and feces, thereby posing health risks to inhabitants through the spread of rabies and other diseases.

Given these risks, understanding how to get rid of raccoons humanely and effectively becomes crucial. Engaging with professional wildlife control in Oakville ensures that the removal process respects both the animals and the environment. Professional services employ tactics that not only remove the animals safely but also implement measures to prevent future invasions, securing homes and businesses against further damage. Taking prompt and effective action against these animals is not only a matter of property maintenance but also of public health and safety. Hence, consulting with experts in wildlife control, like Skedaddle, becomes a necessary step for anyone dealing with raccoon problems in Oakville or similar environments.

Skedaddle‘s Approach to Raccoon Removal in Oakville

At Skedaddle, we understand that managing raccoon intrusions requires a humane and comprehensive approach. Our professional removal services are designed with the welfare of the wildlife and the safety of your home in mind. We initiate our process with a thorough property inspection to identify the main entry points and the areas most susceptible to damage.

Following the inspection, we employ hands-on techniques to humanely remove raccoons from your property. Our team is trained to handle animals with care, ensuring they are not harmed during the removal process. We also take measures to reunite baby raccoons with their mothers, maintaining the natural order and minimizing stress on the animals.

Preventing future invasions is a critical part of our service. After the removal, we secure entry points and provide professional-grade materials to reinforce areas at risk. This might include installing heavy-duty screen vents, chimney caps, and door sweeps. We also offer detailed advice on habitat modification to make your property less attractive to these animals and other wildlife.

Our goal at Skedaddle is to ensure that your encounter with wildlife ends safely and positively for all involved. By choosing our services, you’re opting for a solution that respects the natural behaviour of raccoons while safeguarding your home against future intrusions.

Choosing Skedaddle: Your Partner in Coexisting with Nature

Choosing the right wildlife removal service is crucial for maintaining peace and safety in your home or business, especially in areas where nature and human habitats intersect closely. Skedaddle stands out as your best option for wildlife removal in Oakville, thanks to our commitment to humane and effective solutions.

Our expertise in handling and preventing wildlife intrusions ensures that your property remains safe, and the natural behaviour of animals is respected. By prioritizing humane removal techniques, we contribute to the conservation of wildlife while addressing the concerns of homeowners.

In essence, hiring Skedaddle is not just about solving an immediate problem; it’s about fostering a harmonious coexistence with nature. Our approach safeguards both your property and the well-being of wildlife, proving that when it comes to removing unwelcome animals, compassion and expertise can go hand in hand.


Raccoon Facts


Raccoons have a diverse diet, which includes fruits, nuts, berries, insects, small mammals, birds, eggs, and even garbage. Their opportunistic feeding habits contribute to their success in various habitats, including both natural and human-altered environments.


Their distinctive black “mask” of fur around their eyes isn’t just for show—it helps reduce glare and enhance their night vision.


Raccoons have dexterous front paws similar to human hands, which allow them to open lids, untie knots, and catch fish.


Raccoons have a remarkable memory for tasks. They have been observed returning to these caches, even months later, demonstrating their ability to remember the locations of hidden food stores.


Raccoons use over 200 different sounds to communicate with each other, including purrs, whistles, growls, and screams, making them quite vocal.


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